Tide North Project


SIZE:2,204 hectares
TARGET:Precious metal (gold-silver) volcanic exhalative (Eskay Creek style)
INFRASTRUCTURE:Electrical transmission line across property, 3.5 km from Tide airstrip and the Granduc all-weather road

Tide North is just 3.5 kilometres from the Tide airstrip on the road from Stewart to Premier and Scottie Gold that and continues from Tide airstrip to the Granduc Mine.

The property was acquired by AUX for its potential to host an Eskay Creek-style deposit.  Conductivity anomalies, detected during a 2009 airborne geophysical survey commissioned by AUX are consistent with conductive strata of the Salmon River formation presented in a north-westerly trending syncline across the property. 

A 2014 diamond drill hole intersected a an unexpected thickness of intensely carbonaceous Salmon River formation including thin, stratiform sulphide mineralization and thin beds of sedimentary breccia containing clasts of banded pyrite.  The drill hole did not intersect the target, basal contact of the Salmon River formation with underlying, sulphide-bearing rocks of the older Lower Hazelton group.  The casing remains in the collar and the hole can therefore be extended to the target in the future.

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