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  • Independence

    The property contains mostly andesitic flows and tuffs of the Hazelton Group, crosscut by multiple diorite and granodiorite dykes.  Dykes are commonly associated with the mineralized veins and shear zones; veins are beside or within the dykes.  The northwest striking shear zones contain brecciated to laminated quartz-barite-magnetite-jasper veins +\- pyrite +\- chalcopyrite +\- pyrrhotite +\- sphalerite +\- galena.  2019 grab samples from historic adit #1 returned assays of up to 10.7 g/t Au, 85.30 g/t Ag, and 2.9% Cu. 

    2020 Field Work

    Detailed mapping was done at historic trenches and adits to better determine controls on mineralization. Chip sampling was then completed at four different historic adits and trenches over a total of 24 m, results are pending.  During field work the historic drill collar locations were confirmed and surveyed using a differential GPS, the historic logs will be used to develop a model of the mineralized system.

    Figure 4: Geologist and field tech inspecting the entrance of a historic adit marking up chip samples.

    Figure 5: Markups for chip sampling at the entrance of a historic adit.

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