Bear Pass Project


SIZE: 7,753 hectares
TARGET: District scale potential for multiple types of commodities & deposits
INFRASTRUCTURE: Electrical transmission line and paved Stewart Highway (37A)
  • Presence of (metalliferous) Early Jurassic (Texas Creek) intrusions in the Bear Pass area;
  • Large areas of intense pervasive alteration suggesting an altered cap at the top of a very large system;
  • Abundant evidence of large, continuous faults and shear zones, channels for mineralizing fluids and:
  • Alteration and mineralization seen along these continuous channels over a large area of ground in the Bear Pass area therefore:
  • A large land package prospective for intrusion related gold deposits has been assembled and:
  • Co-operation of Auramex and Mountain Boy Minerals in exploration of their mutually held large, prospective area of the Golden Triangle.

The extensive Bear Valley property package encloses multiple targets that extend along the upper Bear Valley, its tributary of American Creek and over the Bear Pass. The properties span 15 km, broadly centred on Highway 37A and a difference in elevation.

The target areas were acquired based on Auramex’s unique knowledge of the geology of the valley, specifically that of the presence of early Jurassic magmatism in the shape of the Bear Pass Pluton.  This intrusion has long been suspected as the source of mineralizing fluids in the Bear Pass area but its early Jurassic age was only recently confirmed by Auramex.

Auramex and Mountain Boy Minerals, with properties that are intercalated in that region, are cooperating on an exploration program. For the first time in over 20 years, the Bear Pass area has been unified at the same time as resources are available to conduct, comprehensive modern exploration across geological units without the constraints of property boundaries. Results from decades of previous work were augmented with Auramex fieldwork and geophysical surveys. This approach has revealed and continues to produce exceptional geological insights to advance these various targets.

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